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15 Oct, 2011

Brand Power

Branded residences are springing up across Asia... except Hong Kong.


Pilar Morais, CEO of local upmarket serviced apartment provider CHI Residences theorises the lack of branded residences in Hong Kong – for lease or sale – comes down to basics, including space and business plan. “I don’t think Hong Kong is keeping them away. I think you’ll see a shift towards it. You have the Cullnan, which is almost like a branded residence, not quite there, but it’s similar. The hotels are shifting there. But the hotels are coming here to open hotels and not make a residence. They are taking measures for longer stay guests. Their mentality is changing because they have to compete with residences like ourselves.”


The location is fantastic, the interior with internet TV, lounge area seperate from large sleeping room and brand new shower and kitchen facilities, but also every single staff member is fully energetic & ready at your service with any request.

Mr. Joshua