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From the chic cocktail bars of Wyndham Street to the charming cobbled streets of Elgin and Staunton Street, SoHo is the relaxed, artistic quarter of Hong Kong and is a perfect destination for everything from a chilled-out dinner to a night partying until morning in a boutique club.


Not just an evening destination, it is worth hopping between the cafes of upper SoHo as you pop into the art galleries and fashion boutiques or even just checking out the views as you ride the escalator, which cuts right through the middle of the action.



Staunton Street

Hong Kong

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I am impressed with the overall friendliness and efficiency of staff, particularly the team leaders Carly, Tony and others. I think they all deserve to be recognised for their service excellence. Overall, I would give CHI a big thumbs up.

Ms. Chi, Kee Woon