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Buses and Minibuses

Buses in Hong Kong are extremely efficient and easy-to-use. Journeys around Kowloon cost around HK$3-HK$5 and you will need exact change if you don’t have an Octopus card. The mini-buses can be a little more complicated to work out but major routes run 24-hours a day and during rush hour, when there are no taxis available, it’s always good to know which minibuses run past your building, so check with your concierge for further details. There are two types of minibuses, green and red. Green minibuses run on fixed routes and red minibuses are mostly operated by individuals who pick their own routes. Prices start at HK$2 and you will always need the exact change or an Octopus card.


CityBus & New World First Bus
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The Kowloon Motor Bus Co.
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I left (CHI) with a feeling that this was one of the best hotel experiences I have had in my 40+ years of traveling and working in the hospitality business... I wish I could have stayed longer.

Mr. William, from Englishtown